My interview with Mr. Bob at NASA 🇺🇸Headquarters

I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bob Jacobs, he is the NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications.

We met in front of NASA Headquarters in Washington DC, which caught my attention. Bob apologized for not speaking any of my languages (Bob is amazing). From there we went to a restaurant called Clyde’s. On the way in a taxi, Bob told me about his experience working at NASA since 2000.



IMG_8676.JPGAmazing restaurant☝️🌹 Interview

Q: In your opinion, what is NASA’s most important accomplishment during your career?
A: I joined NASA in July 2000 and I’m not sure I can pin my answer down to any one achievement. I was here when we lost seven astronauts and the space shuttle Columbia, and that is not an easy setback to overcome. Yet, the agency came together and safely returned the space shuttle to flight. That’s one major achievement. Another is the completion of the International Space Station and the safe retirement of the space shuttle program. Now that the ISS is complete, we’re focused on research that will help humanity on Earth and eventually extend our human exploration beyond the moon and on to Mars. Finally, successfully landing three rovers on the Red Planet during my career here has been thrilling. Do you realize Mars in inhabited entirely by robots? The United States is the only nation to achieve that. And I hope to be around when we put people on the Red Planet with them!

Q: How did NASA get in the position of paying the Russians to take American astronauts to the International Space Station?
A: First, it is important to realize that NASA makes no unilateral decisions when it comes to the operation of the International Space Station. There is an international partnership that makes the decisions on the safe operations of the ISS. So, NASA is not the only nation that buys seats on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. ESA and other international partners do the same. Also, people focus so much on launching people into orbit that they forget about the need for crew rescue. Budget cuts during the Bush administration forced NASA to abandon work on a Crew Rescue Vehicle, which meant we were reliant on the Russian Soyuz for rescue. Remember, it is not enough to get the astronauts up to the International Space Station. We have to be able to get them down. And we need to be able to do it in a hurry if there’s an emergency in orbit. The Soyuz, for the moment, is the only spacecraft that can sit in orbit for six months at a time. The space shuttle couldn’t do that. So, we need to think about crew transportation and the space station in terms of round trips and emergency escape. That said, NASA is very focused on returning the launch of our astronauts to American soil, which is why we have the commercial crew program. We already have commercial companies resupplying the ISS with cargo. Later this year, we’ll make a decision on which American companies will ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

IMG_8674.JPGI saw that Bob is a real American, he asked for fries and a hamburger, 🍟🍔😋while I ordered a salad with brie cheese and toasted bread cubes.

IMG_8677.JPGBob told me that he liked to play sports, but had stopped practicing for a while because he was working too hard. I told Bob that I would return to Washington to meet him only just to know about if he started doing exercises again.#inspiration #bob#strongman☝️👏💪👍🌹
Okay okay going to the interview. 🇺🇸

Q: You have had a lot to do with NASA’s social media outreach. How has it changed since the beginning? What pleases you most about what NASA is doing with social media?
A: Social media for NASA has simply exploded. I pushed the agency into social media in November 2008. If you told me then we would have 7 million followers on both Twitter and Facebook, I would not have believed you. And those are just the primary NASA accounts. We have nearly 500 social media accounts across the agency. We have been fortunate that the public has responded so favorably to our activities. Most organizations would say social media is about them finding new way to deliver their message. For me, social media is really about the people we engage and the audiences we reach. When the federal government recently shut down, the people who love what we do came together on their own and executed a campaign called #ThingsNASAMightTweet, and they continued to post space-related material in our absence. That is an amazing reaction. Yes, we have a lot of talented people at NASA executing social media across many projects and programs, but it is the public and interested individuals who make us successful.

Q: People think first about sending humans into space when they think of NASA and ESA. How much investment is NASA making into exploring the Universe and studying Earth from space?
A: NASA spends more money exploring the universe than all the other space agencies in the world combined. Think about that for a moment. We spend about $5 billion a year in Science to study Earth, the planets, our sun, and other mission to help answer fundamental questions about our place in the universe. That is exciting work. Yes, people rightly think first about extending human exploration beyond Earth orbit. But we do not get anywhere with human space exploration without the robots and satellites that gather data to help pave the way. Even then, can you think of a more amazing achievement than the Hubble Space Telescope? What about the Mars Curiosity rover? A human presence in space is important but it alone cannot answer the questions the various science communities need answered. That is why we have a robust exploration program that builds on our record-breaking achievements in space.

Q: What are five important technologies NASA is creating or investing in?
A: We cannot get into deep space without innovations in technology. NASA is a catalyst for new breakthroughs in technology and to foster a new commercial space industry. Some of our innovative investments include new solar arrays and thrusters for solar electric propulsion, developing cleaner and “greener” rocket propellants, solar sails that reduce our need for rocket fuel in the first place. We do not have the tools today to successfully get humans to Mars, which is why we are investing in those technologies today. And I would invite everyone to see how our technology investments return dividends here on Earth. Take a look at and see investments in space exploration are improving our lives here on the ground. You may remember the recent successful test off the Hawaii coast of NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator. If we are going to land on Mars, we are going to need technology to help slow us down as we enter the atmosphere. LDSD was an important technology demonstration mission that will be applied to future planetary exploration. We are also working to make space research more affordable. Our development of micro-satellites, called CubeSats, open a new way to explore space with smaller, inexpensive satellites to gather images, take measurements, etc.

Q: Do you believe in God? Yes or no, and explain your reasoning.
A: The issue of faith is an extremely personal one and it is an issue that probably is not appropriate to address as a NASA representative. That said, I was raised Catholic and attended a variety of public and parochial schools growing up. I received my undergraduate degree from a public university Tennessee and my master’s degree from a Catholic university in New Jersey.

IMG_8675.JPGI loved meeting Bob. In the end I said I wanted to go to space and if he could send me the next manned flight? I said I could fly the rocket, then he looked at me and said, “I think this could be dangerous.”✋😌 👉 Okay Mr.Bob I trust you😹🌹.

IMG_7690.JPGEven Mr. Bob likes to do the famous selfie. Thanks Bob, I learned a lot about the work and the important work that NASA does for the world, and also the technology that takes a long time to develop. I hope to see humanity be able to inhabit another planet, which would be amazing! Thanks for the presents; they have reached the intended people.✋

Hasta la vista baby 😎


Ferrer Angélica in USA🇺🇸 part I

Welcome to the United States of America🇺🇸

Bem vindo aos Estados unidos da America do Norte!🇺🇸

Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos de America!🇺🇸



Okay , estou em Washington e vou comer um hambúrguer com batatas fritas, nao costumo comer sempre mas de vez em quando  👏☝️👍🙅 #coragemangelica

Okay, I’m in Washington and I will eat a burger with fries, I do not usually always but occasionally eat.

Ok estoy en Wasington y voy a comer una hamburguesa con patatas fritas, no las como siempre, solamente de vez en cuando.


IMG_5476.JPGIt rained a lot that day.

Chovia muito aquele dia!

Llovía mucho aquel día.



IMG_5533.JPGNational archives building .





IMG_5536-0.JPGNational Gallery of art

IMG_5614.JPGHiking in Rock Creek park, found the servant.

Caminhadas no Rock Creek park , encontrei esse servo.

Paseos en Rock Creek Park , encontré ese ciervo


IMG_5609.JPG Rock Creek park , garden and houses Style inglish in Washington DC




Estilo picnic !IMG_8191.JPGAdorei Washington DC , tem muito verde e um lago maravilhoso.


Do you remember the  Farewell case? passed the front of this building there!

Lembra do caso Farewell? se passou nesse predio dai da frente!

Recuerda el casoFarewell? Ocurrió en ese edificio de enfrente.


Also here is an obelisk, there are many satanic stories about them.ehehe

Obelisco tambem aqui , tem muitas teorias satanicas sobre esse aqui em Washington DC. ahahahhah

También aquí hay un obelisco, existen muchas historias satánicas sobre ellos.jajajaaja




Obama a kiss, I’ll still know you personally.

Obama um beijo , ainda vou te conhecer pessoalmente!

Obama un beso, aun voy a conocerte personalmente.




IMG_5783.JPGAchei uma loja que vende sapatos vintage 😍 de várias marcas como Chloé , Tory burch e Michael Kors.

I found a shop that sells vintage shoes from various brand such as Chloé, Tory Burch and Michael Kors.

Hallé una tienda que vende zapatos vintage de varias marcas como  Chloé , Tory burch e Michael Kors.





IMG_5805.JPGNational Harbor Ferris Wheels and Daniel Wellington.




IMG_8119.JPG holidays , enjoy the day and life !.




IMG_8117.JPGBye Bye Washington DC and go to Virgínia Beach🌅



IMG_5912.JPGMe gusta conocer y caminar por parques.

I enjoy meeting and walk through parks.

Adoro conhecer e caminhar por parques!  IMG_5911.JPG.




IMG_5976.JPGThe beach very conservative, Americans are very conservative too,  not everyone is Lady Gaga and Madonna.😹🙅👍I am also very conservative.

Una  playa muy conservadora,y los Americanos son muy conservadores también, no todos son Lady Gaga  y Madona. Yo también soy muy conservadora.




IMG_5975-0.JPGBye Bye Virgínia beach , i`m too conservative for this beach.eheeheh

Me voy de aqui , esta playa no es muy conservadora para una persona tan recatada como yo .ajajjaaja😝







IMG_8141.JPGQue lugar lindo e com muito verde , amei!😘

very beautiful place!😘
Me encanta este sitio😘


pasta mini ipad-002.jpg

IMG_0958Eu fiz novos amigos .IMG_8131-0.JPG





pasta mini ipad-003.jpg



pasta mini ipad.jpg









IMG_8163.JPGI Liked this bathroom is big as mine but is very modern and has not a bath.🛁

Adorei este banheiro ,è grande como o meu mas è  muito moderno , nao tem banheira!🛁

Me gustó este quarto de baño, es grande como el mío pero es muy moderno y no tiene bañera.🛀


Lindo o por do sol!     beautiful sunset !IMG_8156.JPG

IMG_8158.JPGThe neighbors are very friendly.

Os visinhos sao bem amistosos!

Los vecinos son muy amigables.

IMG_8152.JPGNo matter where you are, my food is always healthy, and my way of thinking does not change because people think or act differently to me., I live for myself and not to please others.

No importa donde esté, mi comida será siempre sana, y mi manera de pensar no cambia porque las personas piensen o actúen diferente a mi., yo vivo para mi y no para agradar a los demás.

Nao importa onde eu estou , minha comida serà sempre saudavel para mim , e minha maneira de pensar nao muda porque as pessoas pensam e agem diferente de mim , Eu vivo para mim e nao para agradar os demais! pasta mini ipad-001.jpg

Vestido HM outono , brincos de perolas Carolina Herrera ,Chapeu natural feito à mao em Hawaii e sapatos Chloe .IMG_0941.JPG



My favorite place in the house is the living room with kitchenette. The room with glass windows overlooking the trees and the lake.

Mi lugar preferido de la casa es la sala con cocina americana. La sala con ventanas de vidrios con vistas a los arboles y el lago.

Meu lugar preferido da casa, a sala com a cozinha estilo americana! A sala com janelas de vidros com vistas para as arvores e o lago.IMG_8153.JPGMy breakfast, fruit toast and chocolate milk.☕️🍶🍉🍋🌹🍹

Meu cafe da manha , Frustas com pao tostado e leite com chocolate!🍹🍉🌽🍑🍊🍋🍞🍹🍓

Mi desayuno, frutas con pan tostado y leche con chocolate.🍋🍊🌽🍑🍓🍉🍞☕️🍹


Blusa Top shop ,saia HM e sapatos Tory borch .IMG_8176.JPG



IMG_8179.JPGMaravilhoso os dias aqui !

Wonderful day here!









IMG_8150.JPGEu sou a garota selvagem da casa do lago! kkkkkkkkkkkkk






IMG_8169.JPGWhat is important to maintain the shape, is to continuous exercise, and eat bacon burger, coke taking, all that we burn, playing sports.

O importante para manter a forma  è fazer exercicios continuos , comer bacons e hamburguer ,tomar coca cola tudo isso è queimado se voce pratica esportes!

Lo importante para mantener la forma,es gacer ejercicios continuos,comer baicon ,hamburguesa y tomar coca cola ,todo eso lo quemamos haciendo deporte.



Marie , saudades da cachorrinha que surfa! IMG_6195.JPG

Potato nose if I’m in the land of plastic, maybe in the future want to change my nose.heheehehe

Nariz de batata sim! estou no paìs das plasticas , talvez no futuro queira mudar o meu nariz! kkkkkkkkkkkk

Nariz de patata si, estoy en el país de la  plástica, tal vez en el futuro quiera cambiar mi nariz.ajajajaja


Ferrer veste All star Bart Simpson, calça Gap e blusa da Minie Disney!IMG_8262.JPG








Olha a marie ai ! IMG_7509.JPG





IMG_8184.JPGExercise is good for health and body.

Fazer exercicios faz bem para a saùde e para o corpo!

Hacer ejercicio es bueno para la salud y para el cuerpo.IMG_8183.JPG









Aqui tambem tem Vespa! IMG_8189.JPG


Adorei essa vermelha! IMG_8190.JPG


I enjoyed the stay here, I learned a lot, this Country may be perfect for someone like me.😉

È, eu gostei da minha instancia aqui , aprendi muito,esse paìs pode ser perfeito para uma pessoa como EU!😉

Me gustó la estancia aquí, aprendí mucho, este Pais puede ser perfecto para una persona como yo.😉

IMG_7857.JPGThose flowers are for all the people I met in the USA and provided me a pleasant stay, a kiss to all and see you guys.🌹

Essas flores para todos aqueles que conheci aqui nos Estados Unidos da america e me proporcionou uma instancia agradavel! Um beijo à todos y Hasta la vista babys!🌹

Esas flores son para todas las personas que conocí en los Estados Unidos y me proporciono una estancia agradable, un beso a todos y hasta la vista, muchachos.🌹

Hasta la vista baby😎

Bonjour Paris🇫🇷

Okay , vamos a Paris , dice mi amiga Sharianne Hillier , vamos a aventurarnos un poco , porque solo se vive una vez.👏👏🌹☝️

Okay, we’re going to Paris, and my friend Sharianne Hillier says that we will be adventurous, because you only live once.👏👏☝️🌹

Yo Conducia un coche , la verdad no sabia muy bien a donde ir , 😹😹😹🚕🙈nos perdimos tres veces , pero no pasa nada , 😌☝️aprovechamos los malos momentos para hacer fotos .📷📷😘👏👏

I drove a car and really did not know where to go very well, 🙈😹☝️and we lost three times, but nothing happened. We used the times we got lost for pictures.👏📷😌🌹


Perdidas estuvimos , pero nunca sin fotos 😂👏👏☝️

We were lost, but never without photos😹☝️👏👏



















Despuès continuamos nuestro viaje , aurevoir Espagna 👏☝️✋💈🇪🇸

Then we continued our journey, good bye Spain👏☝️✋💈🇪🇸

Finalmente llegamos a Paris , y el carrusel no podia faltar 🎪🇫🇷👏☝️😌

Finally got to Paris, and you could not miss the carousel🎪🇫🇷👏☝️😌



Estamos en el metro de Paris 🚧🎫🚊👒👠📷😹☝️

We are in the Paris Metro😘👏🇫🇷
Despues de pasar por el Sena , disfrutamos de las vidrieras de Notre Dame 😘👏para despuès beber en el antiguo Brasserie Parrisienne Le Zimmer que data de 1896🍸🍹🍺👏🌹🇫🇷

After passing through the Seine, we enjoyed the windows of Notre Dame 😘and then drank in the old Brasserie Le Zimmer Parrisienne which dates from 1896🍸🍹🍺👏🇫🇷🌹















El metre era un hombre muy guapo , educado y servicial 😘👏 asi me gustan los hombres 👏👏

The maitre is a cute, 😘👏polite and very obliging man, I like men like him.👏👏







No me gusta hablar mal de los Países que visito, pero sin perder la objetividad , 😧😒el mal humor de los parisinos me impidiò fotografiar en el mercado de las flores 😡☝️☝️
Marché aux fleurs Paris ile de la cité😜😜🌹🍀🌷🌸

I hate to speak ill of the countries I visit, but without losing objectivity, 😒😒the grumpy Parisians stopped me from shooting photos in the flower market, the Flower Market of the City of Paris.😡😠😨☝️☝️😌😒🌷🌸💐🌻🌹


Fotos hecha en hotel shangrilai, que tiene mucho estilo , con su elegante fachada que recuerda la memoria del legado de la antigua casa de Roland Bonaparte , nieto de Napoleòn🌹🇫🇷

These are photos of the Shangrila Hotel check in, which is very stylish, with its elegant facade that recalls the memory of the legacy of the former home of Roland Bonaparte, grandson of Napoleon🇫🇷🌷



Me encanta esta foto estilo Barroca ,Yo uso  ropa de OhOhjuly una tienda Vintage de Granada , en Calle trinidad 6 ..Es perfecta para encontrar cosas maravillosas y con mucho estilo!

I love this picture Baroque style, I use a vintage clothing store OhOhjuly Granada, in Trinity Street 6 .. It’s perfect for finding wonderful and stylish stuff!




Yo uso el vestido de la tienda OhOhjuly! Bonito vestido que parece hecho con libres pinceladas!

I use the OhOhjuly dress shop! Nice looking dresses with creative and free brushstrokes!​
Bonita decoración 🇫🇷😌☝️🌹
Nice décor🇫🇷🌸😘☝️


Gracias queridas amigas por este viaje, espero que podamos volver a hacerlo juntas nuevamente😘👏☝️😌🌹

Thanks dear friends for this trip, I hope we can do it together again just like this time😘☝️🌹😌

Sobre el coche:
Es inglês 🇬🇧 y el modelo original se creó en los años 50 aunque se fabrica hasta hoy en dia.
Este se usaba en Inglaterra para carreras🚗El modelo original lo creo Lotus , es un Lotus Seven serie 3☝️😌
Desde mediados de los años 70 Lotus dejo de fabricarlos y le cedió la licencia a Caterham que es quien continua fabricandolos.

Photos car creditors: Daniel Ronquillo Diaz .

Angelica Ferrer usa:
Chaqueta barroca Ohohjuly
Blusa amarilla con flores poupon Frances y vestido rosa pinceladas libres Ohohjuly
Calle de la Trinidad 6 Granada Spain

Mas fotos en mi instagram

About the car
The car is English and the original model was created in the 50s but is still made today.
This was used in England for racing 🚗 The original model is a Lotus Seven Series 3 ☝ ️ 😌
Since the mid 70’s Lotus stopped manufacturing them and sold the license to Caterham who continues to manufacture them.

Angelica Ferrer used:
Baroque Jacket Ohohjuly
Yellow blouse with flowers and pink dress Frances, poupon free brushstrokes Ohohjuly

More pictures are on my Instagram

👒La revoluciòn de los tocados 🌹


Bien , cuando pensé en hacer fotos con tocados , me a ocurrido hacerlo en plan alegre y divertido , sobre todo sin formalidades o convenciones , con ropas que utilizamos a lo largo del dia , como el jeans , vestidos estilos hippie o estilo navy , y hasta mismo hortera , como me dijeron , una palabra que no conocia . Pero que ahora me encanta 👏👏😃👏👏👏 y los resultados me encantaròn , porque fue divertidisimo salir a las calles de Granada con tocados tan llamativos y preciosos.

Les voy a hablar en plan general sobre lo que es el tocado a lo largo de la historia.

Los tocados a lo largo de la historia:

Well, when I thought of making photos with headgear, I happened to do it with a happy and fun plan, especially without formalities or conventions. I also wanted to use clothes that we use throughout the day, such as jeans, dresses, hippie style or navy style, and even some tacky, as I said, a word that did not know. But now I love 👏 👏 😃 ​​👏 👏 👏 and I loved the results, because it was hilarious take to the streets of Granada with striking and beautiful headdresses.

I’m going to speak in general on what has played out through history.

Headdresses throughout history:


🌹Definición: un tocado es una prenda con que se cubre la cabeza. Tocado se refiere a todo tipo de sombreros, cascos, adornos o pañolones con que la moda ha resuelto los problemas prácticos, de representación o estéticos que supone el cubrirse la cabeza. Durante la época del Antiguo Egipto, los tocados eran utilizados por todas las clases sociales ya fuera en forma de gorros, sombrero, o las lujosas diademas que utilizaban las clases nobles, y hasta las coronas de los faraones (con las que eran retratados e identificados). Durante la época de Grecia y Roma se tiene Constanza del uso de diademas, velos y cintas que adornaban los complicados peinados tan característicos de estos períodos.

🌹Definition: a headdress is a garment that covers the head. Touched refers to all kinds of hats, helmets, ornaments or fashion shawls that has solved the practical problems of representation and aesthetic involving head covering. During the time of ancient Egypt, headdresses were used by all social classes either in the form of caps, hat, or the luxurious headsets utilizing the noble classes, and even the crowns of the pharaohs (with which they were portrayed and identified ). During the time of Greece and Rome has Constanza use tiaras, veils and ribbons adorning complicated hair so characteristic of these periods. 20140529-174654-64014943.jpg20140529-174726-64046505.jpg

🌹Ya en la Edad Media se comienza a dar al tocado un uso más moral que estético y es que se comienza a cubrir los cabellos como signo de pudor. Pero a la vez con el uso genérico de este se comienza a desarrollar un “mercado” de los tocados. Aparecen las cofias utilizadas por las damas nobles, la “venda” que consta de una venda bajo la barbilla que sujeta una banda rígida alrededor de la frente en forma de corona, y las redecillas que sujetan el pelo peinado en dos trenzas y sujetas alrededor de las orejas. En los países nórdicos aparecen los grandes tocados de formas voluminosas que resaltan la silueta femenina. Son muy utilizados el tocado de aguja o hennin, el tocado turbante, que tenía un velo cosido en la parte alta o el clásico tocado en forma de “maceta” invertida sobre la cabeza. Y en la época del Renacimiento comienza la moda del usos de las redecillas de pedrería, la “cofia francesa” con forma de herradura, o los casquettes para las cacerías, que iban decorados con pedrería, terciopelos, sedas, plumas, pieles…

🌹In the Middle Ages it starts to take a hit to moral and aesthetic use is that it begins to cover their hair as a sign of modesty. But while the generic use of this begins to develop a “market” of hits. Copings used by noble ladies appear, the “band” consisting of a band under chin holding a rigid band around the forehead shaped crown, and Hairnets holding the hair in two braids hairstyle and subject around ears. In the Nordic countries the large headdresses voluminous shapes that emphasize the female silhouette appear. Are widely used needle or headdress hennin, turban headdress, which had a veil stitched on top or classic shaped headdress “pot” inverted overhead. And in the Renaissance fashion starts uses of nets of rhinestones, “French cuff” horseshoe shaped, or casquettes for hunts, which were decorated with rhinestones, velvet, silk, feathers, fur …   20140529-174818-64098781.jpg20140529-174802-64082191.jpg

🌹Ya en el Barroco con el uso de pelucas, los tocados adquieren mayor volumen, complejidad y altura. En España la moda era usar armazones de alambre sobre los que se enrolla el pelo y se decoran con joyas, plumas y encajes. Y llegamos a la época del Rococó. Máximo exponente del uso del tocado donde impera la extravagancia. La figura más representativa es la famosa Maria Antonieta a la que Monsieur Larseneur creaba los tocados más impensables con joyas, plumas y joyas en formas inimaginables. Ya en los años del Renacimiento, la mujeres se sujetan el pelo o lo cubren con cofias, turbantes o el sombrero chalana que consta de una casquette con un ala y sujeta bajo la barbilla con una cinta. Y con el Realismo llega los tocados románticos en forma de grandes pamelas con multitud de lazos, coquetos sombreritos con plumas, estrellas de diamantes para asistir a fiestas.

🌹Already in the Baroque Era with the use of wigs, headdresses became more important, with increasing complexity and height. In Spain the fashion was to use wire frames on which the hair is wrapped and decorated with jewels, feathers and lace. Then we come to the time of the Rococo. An exponential use of extravagant headdress prevailed. The most representative of this era is the famous Marie Antoinette to which Monsieur Larseneur created the most unthinkable headdress, and played with jewels and feathers in previously unimaginable ways. As early as the Renaissance, the woman’s hair was fastened or covered with caps, turbans or a barge comprising a hat casquette with a wing and fastening under your chin with a ribbon. And with romantic realism comes headgear that is large and brimming with many ties, flirty feathered bonnets, and diamond stars to attend parties.

🌹Pero donde el tocado ha sufrido los mayores cambios ha sido durante los años del siglo XX. En los años 20, con el charlestón se impone el uso de los cuajados de lentejuelas. En los años 30, Chanel impuso las melenas garçon adornadas con cintas minimalistas de una perla y una pluma. En los años 40 Y 50, las estrellas de Hollywood lo encumbran al uso diario y elegante, y ya en los años 60 es Jackie Onassis quién pone de moda el sombrerito estilo “azafata” y los pañuelos . En los años 70 se lleva el look hippie con flores en el pelo y sombreros de ala ancha de paja. Desde los 80 hasta hoy no hay reglas básicas ni estilos puesto que se recurre a una reinterpretación del pasado y al uso de nuevos materiales para crear formas novedosas.
Asin que que he decidido ponermelos como a mi me guste , llamar mis amigas y a disfrutar 👏👏🌹

🌹But where the headdress has seen the biggest change has been in the twentieth century. In the 20s, with the Charleston, the use of studded with sequins is imposed. In the ’30s, Chanel won the garçon manes adorned with pearl minimalist tapes and pen. In the 40′s and 50′s, Hollywood stars were stylish and daily use soared. Already in the 60′s Jackie Onassis was the hat style fashion “hostess” along with handkerchiefs. In the 70 the headdress takes a hippie look with flowers in her hair and wide-brimmed hats of straw. From 80 until today no ground rules or styles exist since it relies on a reinterpretation of the past and the use of new materials to create new forms.
so I decided to put a headdress as I like and call my friends and go for walks in the street and enjoy it👏👏👏🌹
20140529-175805-64685566.jpg 20140529-175806-64686080.jpg 20140529-175806-64686808.jpg 20140529-175806-64686543.jpg 20140529-175805-64685785.jpg 20140529-175806-64686332.jpg 20140529-180110-64870296.jpg Que aburrido….,volvamos a ser divertidas, sofisticadas, atrevidas y aventureras…… Un jeans con tocado??? Que locura mas bonita, que alegría de vivir, hagamoslo cotidiano….. Pongamos un tocado en nuestro día a día….palabras de mi querida Esther 👏👏👏👏🌹😌

How boring! Come on be more daring, sophisticated and adventurous. Why not use a headdress with a denim jacket? Let’s make this an accessory of everyday life, we will be more fun …words my dear Esther👏👏👏🌹😌

Que chato! vamos ser mais ousadas , sofisticadas e aventureiras . por que não usar um cocar com uma jaqueta jeans? vamos fazer deste um acessório do dia a dia, vamos ser mais divertidas …palavras da minha querida Esther 🌹👏👏👏🌹☺️

20140529-180953-65393950.jpg 20140529-180953-65393722.jpg 20140529-180954-65394666.jpg 20140529-180954-65394161.jpg 20140529-180954-65394380.jpg Con la Catedral al fondo, hablàbamos sobre el tema de que hay personas que solamente se pone el tocado de un lado de la cabeza ,✋pero nosotras vamos a poner donde mas nos favoresca, con vaqueros , vestidos de rayas y hasta mismo cuero …. Yo creo que a Ellas eso seria un escandalo 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

with the cathedral in the background, we were talking to people who have used the headdress, only one side of the head by formalities. ☝️but we’ll use the side that let in more beautiful. with jeans, dress navy style streaks and even with leather. I think for the formalities would be a scandal👏👏👏😂😂😂


Marina headdress Mayca Granados.


Tocado Mayca granados.


Headdress Ecoco Tocados.


Montanna headdress Mayca Tocados.


Esther readdress Ecoco Tocados.


Angelica ferrer, tocado Mayca Granados.

20140529-181634-65794254.jpg 20140529-181634-65794519.jpg 20140529-181635-65795019.jpg 20140529-181925-65965046.jpg Los tocados no tienen edad , cualquier chica puede lucirlo y hacerse con mucho estilo , Los tocados estan hechos para cualquier necesidad , lo importante es que te quede bien y estes divina!😍🌹

The headdresses are not old, and any girl can wear them, and it can be done with great style – headdresses available for any need, and it is important that you look good and are divine!😍🌹

20140529-184352-67432619.jpg 20140529-184351-67431806.jpg 20140529-184352-67432231.jpg 20140529-184352-67432026.jpg 20140529-184352-67432428.jpg 20140529-184353-67433013.jpg 20140529-184353-67433203.jpg 20140529-184354-67434367.jpg 20140529-184354-67434564.jpg 20140529-184353-67433388.jpg 20140529-184352-67432817.jpg 20140529-184353-67433761.jpg 20140529-184354-67434761.jpg 20140529-184353-67433574.jpg 20140529-184354-67434178.jpg 20140529-184354-67434958.jpg 20140529-184530-67530179.jpg 20140529-185100-67860121.jpg 20140529-185059-67859930.jpg Despues de ver un espetaculo de flamenco en la Catedral, fuimos de compras en unos de los sitios mas turisticos de Granada , la Alcaiceria ☝️☝️👏👏👏🌹 😍

After seeing a flamenco Espetaculo Cathedral, we went shopping at one of the most famous tourist sites in Granada, the Alcaiceria.👏👏👏🌹😍

20140529-185832-68312323.jpg Esther no si contuvo y compro uno de los zapatos usados por Aladdín , ☝️🌹🌹😂👳👠

Esther is not constrained and buys one of the shoes worn by Aladdin.
20140529-190104-68464584.jpg No os fijeis mucho en mis ojeras , estoy dormindo poco pensando en mis regalos de cumpleaños 😂😪☝️👏👏🌹😍😂

Do not watch out for my dark circles much, I’m thinking about my little secret birthday gifts👏👏😍🌹😪😂

20140529-190835-68915078.jpg 20140529-190835-68915276.jpg 20140529-190955-68995284.jpg 20140529-190955-68995480.jpg 20140529-191156-69116693.jpg 👳🌹Despues de comprar , el Moro de la moreria nos invita a un autêntico tè de Marruecos , Granada és famosa por sus teterías fantásticas con muchos estilos e sabores de hacer el verdadero tè Marroquí,☝️👏👏👏☕️☕️☕️😍

🌹👳After purchasing, the Moor of Moreria invites us to an authentic Moroccan tea, Granada is famous for its great tea shops with many styles and flavors to make the real Moroccan tea☝️👏👏👏☕️☕️😍

20140529-191833-69513280.jpg 20140529-191832-69512394.jpg 20140529-191832-69512030.jpg 20140529-191831-69511572.jpg 20140529-191833-69513735.jpg 20140529-191832-69512815.jpg El tè estaba muy caliente por estas tierras Nazarìes☝️👏👏👏👏😃

Tea was very hot in this city Nazari👏👏👏👏☕️🌹😃


Esther dressesd Ecoco Tocados and Cream clothing ,Angelica ferrer dressed Fashion EnvyPride and Ecoco Tocados and Sonia Ruiz dressed Ecoco tocados and Cream clothing

20140529-193147-70307763.jpg 20140529-193217-70337684.jpg 20140529-193319-70399390.jpg 20140529-193415-70455379.jpg 20140529-193507-70507656.jpg 20140529-193541-70541660.jpg 20140529-193612-70572344.jpg 20140529-193725-70645105.jpg 20140529-194309-70989744.jpg 20140529-194331-71011531.jpg Y para finalizar con llave de oro🔑 gracias a todas mis amadas por haber participado en esta revoluciòn de los tocados conmigo , 👏😘 se que algunas no tienen mucho tiempo ,son fisoterapeutas , apresentadoras de TV , dueñas de tienda , muchas gracias por participar 🌹👏👏👏👏👏 y hasta la vista baby😎

And to finish with a gold key 🔑 thanks to my beloved for having participated in this revolution of headdresses with me 👏 😘 I know that some do not have much time, they are physical therapists, are TV personalities, and store owners, thank you very much for participating🌹👏👏👏 hasta la vista baby😎

Angelica ferrer
Especial participation : Esther filantropica , Sonia Ruiz ,Montanna castro y Marina Pérez.
Firmas participantes : Ecoco tocados , Mayca Granados , Cream clothing y El vergel1900.
Photographer :Daniel Ronquillo diaz.

La Alpujarra🌹


Eu vou mostrar para vocês um pouco dessa bonita região chamada Alpujarra , que fica a 40km de Granada (Espanha) e que se estende desde do sul das Montanhas de Sierra Nevada até a costa .

Yo os llevarè para conocer esta preciosa region llamada Alpujarra que dista 40km de Granada (España) y que se extiende desde el sur de Sierra Nevada hasta la costa.

I will like to show you this beautiful region called Alpujarra, which lies 40km from Granada (Spain) and extending from the southern Sierra Nevada to the coast.


Entre as diferentes regiões de Espanha, que fica fora das províncias de Granada e Almeria, conhecido como La Alpujarra. Aqui vamos nos restringir ao Alpujarra com uma área de pouco mais de mil quilômetros quadrados
Existem várias teorias sobre a origem do nome Alpujarra, principalmente do caule, que faz com que seja um dos primeiros colonos muçulmanos da região, “al-BUJARRA”; mas a opinião de muitos filólogos opta por o significado de “alba serra. ”

Entre las diferentes regiones de España, destaca una que coge parte de las provincias de Granada y Almería, conocida como La Alpujarra. Aquí nos ceñiremos a la Alpujarra granadina con una superficie de poco mas de mil Km cuadrados
Hay varias teorías sobre el origen del nombre Alpujarra, entre las que destaca la que lo hace provenir de uno de los primeros colonizadores musulmanes de la comarca, “al-Bujarra”; pero la opinión de muchos filólogos se destaca por el significado de ‘alba sierra”.

Among the different regions of Spain, one that gets out of the provinces of Granada and Almeria, known as La Alpujarra. Here we restrict ourselves to the Alpujarra with an area of ​​just over a thousand square miles
    There are several theories about the origin of the name Alpujarra, most notably the stem which makes it one of the first Muslims settlers of the region, “al-BUJARRA”; but the opinion of many philologists opts for the meaning of ‘alba saw.

. “20140508-143850.jpg20140508-143907.jpg20140508-143921.jpg20140508-143936.jpg

A região é caracterizada por terreno acidentado, ocupando a maior parte da parte sul da Sierra Nevada. Nesta montanha se encontram importantes como destaque a Mulhacen, o mais alto da Península Ibérica, a cidade de poleiros Trevelez, e Veleta, que sobe até Pampaneira, Bubión e Capileira.

La comarca se caracteriza por su accidentado relieve, ocupando la mayor parte de la cara sur de Sierra Nevada. En esta sierra se encuadran importantes cumbres, destacando el Mulhacén, el más alto de la península Ibérica, al que se encarama la localidad de Trevélez, y el Veleta, al que suben escalonadamente Pampaneira, Bubión y Capileira🌹

The region is characterized by rugged terrain, occupying most of the southern part of the Sierra Nevada. In this mountain summits fall, highlighting the Mulhacen, the highest in the Iberian peninsula, the town of Trevélez perches, and Veleta, who staggered up Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira🌹


Uma linda cidade com muitas flores e casas brancas , e com vistas as montanhas .

Una hermosa ciudad con un montón de flores y casas blancas, y la hermosa vista de las montañas.

A beautiful city with lots of flowers and white houses, and the beautiful view for the mountains.


Geologicamente como Sierra Nevada, foram sedimentos marinhos do mar Tétis, que o choque de África com a Europa, que começou no início do Terciário 63 milhões anos atrás levantados os fundos resultantes em Sierra Nevada, por isso suas rochas são pizarras e esquistos formados do fundo do mar, como a África continua a empurrar toda a zona é um lugar de alto risco sísmico.

Geologicamente al igual que Sierra Nevada, fueron sedimentos marinos procedentes del mar de Tetis, que al choque de Africa con Europa que comenzó en los albores del terciario hace 63 millones de años elevò dichos fondos dando lugar a Sierra Nevada, por eso sus rocas son pizarras y esquistos formados en el fondo marino, y como Africa continua empujando toda la Zona es un lugar de alto riesgo sísmico.

Geologically like Sierra Nevada, were marine sediments from the Tethys Sea, which the clash of Africa with Europe that began in the early Tertiary 63 million years ago raised the funds resulting in Sierra Nevada, so the rocks are slates and shale formed in the seabed, as Africa continues to push all zone is a place of high seismic risk.


Historicamente de grande importância, pois foi o principal local onde os restos mortais da população mouro de Granada se refugiou depois de perder o reino contra o rei Boabdil Rayes católicos.
Entre 1568 e 1571 o evento conhecido como “rebelião das Alpujarras”, em que o mouro Reino de Granada população aumentou em protesto contra a Pragmática Sanção que limita as liberdades religiosas e culturais da população ocorreu.

   Depois de sufocar as revolta conseguida graças à intervenção de Don Juan da Áustria, que sobreviveram-muçulmanos são estimados cerca de 80.000 em todo o reino de Granada-se dispersaram para outras partes da Coroa de Castela🌹

Historicamente tiene gran importancia, pues fue el principal lugar donde se refugiaron los restos de la población mora de granada, tras perder el reino el rey Boabdil frente a los Rayes católicos.
Entre 1568 y 1571 tuvo lugar el acontecimiento conocido como “rebelión de las Alpujarras”, en la que la población morisca del Reino de Granada se alzó en protesta contra la Pragmática Sanción que limitaba las libertades religiosas y culturales de dicha población.

Tras lograrse sofocar la revuelta gracias a la intervención de Don Juan de Austria, los musulmanes que sobrevivieron —se estiman unos 80.000 en todo el reino granadino— fueron dispersados hacia otros lugares de la Corona de Castilla-🌹

Historically of great importance as it is the main site where the remains of the Moorish population of Granada took refuge after losing his kingdom against the king Boabdil Catholics Rayes.
Between 1568 and 1571 the event known as “rebellion of the Alpujarras”, where the Moorish Kingdom of Granada population rose in protest against the Pragmatic Sanction that limits religious and cultural freedoms of the population occurred.

After smother the revolt achieved thanks to the intervention of Don Juan of Austria, who survived-Muslims are estimated about 80,000 throughout the kingdom of Granada-dispersed to other parts of the Crown of Castile-🌹








É muito importante tradição da produção de têxteis, especialmente tapetes. Nos últimos anos, o município instalou inúmeras oficinas de artesanato, além das máquinas, relançaram cerâmica e até jóias. Isso fez com que muitos artistas e artesãos, além de músicos, pintores e poetas têm escolhido o Granada Alpujarra como residência.🌹

Es muy importante la tradición de la confección de tejidos, especialmente jarapas. En los últimos años se han instalado en la comarca numerosos talleres de artesanía que, además de los telares, han relanzado la cerámica e incluso orfebrería. Esto ha hecho que numerosos artistas y artesanos, junto a músicos, pintores y poetas hayan escogido la Alpujarra Granadina como lugar de residencia.🌹

It is very important tradition of the production of textiles, especially rugs. In recent years the county has installed numerous craft workshops, in addition to the machines, have relaunched pottery and even jewelry. This has made many artists and craftsmen, along with musicians, painters and poets have chosen the Granada Alpujarra as a residence.🌹

















Entre os autores mais importantes que escreveram sobre esta região, os hispanista ( britânicos incluem Gerald Brenan e seu trabalho ‘Al sur de Granada “, que imortaliza a cidade de Yegen e cultura e os costumes alpujarreñas meados do século XX. Oitenta anos atrás, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón também visitou o Alpujarra perceber isso em seu livro “La Alpujarra. “‘Da mesma forma Ildefonso falcões Moura descreveu a história de Alpujara” La mano de Fátima “.🌹

Entre los autores más destacados que han escrito sobre esta comarca, cabe mencionar al hispanista ( británico Gerald Brenan y su obra ‘Al sur de Granada’, en la que inmortaliza la localidad de Yegen y la cultura y costumbres alpujarreñas de mediados del siglo XX. Ochenta años antes, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón también visitó la Alpujarra dando cuenta de ello en su libro ‘La Alpujarra”’ .Asi mismo Ildefonso falcones describiò la historia Moura de Alpujara “la Mano de Fatima”. 🌹

Among the most prominent authors who have written about this region, the British hispanista include Gerald Brenan and his work ‘Al sur de Granada’, which immortalizes the town of Yegen and culture and customs alpujarreñas mid-twentieth century. Eighty years ago, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón also visited the Alpujarra realizing this in his book ‘La Alpujarra. “‘ Likewise Ildefonso falcons Moura described the history of Alpujara” La Mano de Fatima “.🌹






















Uma jamoneria😋👏👏













Água 😋





Photos IPhone ☝️

Hey friends 🙋 hasta la vista baby 😎.

Angelica Ferrer

Ruta del veleta part II 🌹

Ola meus queridos como havia prometido , eu voltei ao restaurante Ruta del Veleta para outra materia , mas dessa vez foi mais divertido e eu vou mostrar mais do que no ultimo post.

Hello my dear as promised, I returned to the restaurant Ruta del Veleta, but this time it was more fun and I’ll show more than the last post.

Hola mis queridos como había prometido, me regresó al restaurante Ruta del Veleta, pero desta vez fue más divertido y voy a demostrar más que el último post .


O restaurante Ruta del veleta , tem 8 espaços para reuniões .

The Ruta del Veleta restaurant has 8 spaces for meetings.

El restaurante Ruta del Veleta tiene 8 espacios para reuniones.


Estas fotos foram feitas no Salão dos embaixadores 👌👏🌹

These photos were taken in the Hall of Ambassadors 👌 👏 🌹

Estas fotos fueron tomadas en el Salón de los Embajadores 👌 👏 🌹


Este Salão inglês dos embaixadores é muito elegante com quadros , jarros e estátuas e umas janelas com vidros maravilhosos .

This English Hall of Ambassadors is very elegant with frames, jars and statues, and windows with a wonderful glasses.


Vamos conhecer um pouco da gastronomia do restaurante 🙅👀🍷 os aperitivos são por conta da Casa 👌 ..

Let us know a little of the cooking restaurant 🙅 👀 🍷 appetizers are on the restaurant👌👌

Vamos a conocer un poco de la gastronomia del restaurante, los aperitivos son por cuenta de la casa 🙋🍷👌


Eu aproveito para mostrar mais sobre este lindo Salao dos embaixadores onde comemos 🌹👌🙋🍷

I take this opportunity to show more on this beautiful Hall of Ambassadors, where we ate 🌹 👌 🙋 🍷

Aprovecho esta oportunidad para enseñas más este hermoso Salón de los Embajadores, donde comimos 🌹 👌 🙋 🍷


😛😛 Hummmmmm que gostoso !
😋😋 hummmmmm que rico!
😋😋hummmmm delicious!


Essa foto mostra como eu comi bem , estou gorda e feliz , comi como uma Embaixadora 😎👌👏🌹😂😘

This photo shows how I ate well, I’m fat and happy, I ate like a Ambassador 😎 ​​👌 👏 🌹 😂 😘

En Esta foto se muestra lo bien que he comido , estoy gorda y feliz, comí como una Embajadora 😎 ​​👌 👏 🌹 😂 😘


Caximbo da Paz 😂👌☝️ muito natural por sinal 😎😛👯🍷👯🍷


Eu sei que eu estou exagerada para comer , mas eu sou chic bem , e gente chic é assim! 😎😹😹👏😘🌹👯😛👯😛

I know it’s exaggerated to eat, but I’m very chic, and chic people are like that.😘😹😹👯🌹☝️😎😹😹

Perdonar por como estoy vestida , és lo primero que he pillado 🌹😹😘👯☝️👌


Essa foi nossa sobremesa de surpresa preparando pelo restaurante 👌🌹👏👏 amei o que tem dentro 👌 “surpresa”

This was our surprise dessert prepared by the restaurant 👌 🌹 👏 👏 loved what’s inside 👌 “surprise”

Este era nuestro postre sorpresa preparada por el restaurante 👌 🌹 👏 👏 me encanta lo que hay dentro 👌 “sorpresa”

No meu instagram tem o video 👏👏👏👏☝️😛😛


HoO que gostoso! 😛😛😛👌 Maravilha de supresa . Eu adoro chocolate e morango 🍓🍫

Hoo yummy! 😛 😛 😛 👌 that Wonder surprise. I love chocolate and strawberry 🍓 🍫

Hoo delicioso! 😛 😛 😛 👌 Me encanta el chocolate y la fresa 🍓 🍫


Uma homenagem a Ana Maria Braga , que depois de comer uma boa comida , ela se colocava de baixo da mesa e dizia Hummmmmmmmmmm aprovando os pratos que comia 👏👏👏👏👏👏🍷👌

A tribute to Ana Maria Braga (TV presenter in Brazil) that after eating good food for her under the table and said Hummmmmmmmmmm approving the good food of your guests.

Un homenaje a Ana Maria Braga (presentadora de televisión en Brasil) que después de comer uma buena comida se ponia debajo de la mesa y decia Hummmmmmmmmmm como una aprobación de la buena comida de sus invitados.


Que chic eu comendo 👏👏🌹 com que elegância eu como 😹😹😹

I am very elegant, even eating😹😹😹😹😹😹😋😹😹😹👯😘🌹👯😹😹

Que elegante soy 😋😹 hasta para comer hay que tener estilo😹😹😹😹😹😘👌😎😹😹


Okay chega de comer e vamos terminar de mostrar o resto dovrestaurante ☝️😛🌹👏 comida aprovada , barriga cheia : – não vamos fazer a famosa cesta Antonio , a trabalhar 👏👌😹😹 Tichau ao Salao dos embaixadores 🙋🙆

Okay enough of eating and we finished the rest of the show ☝ restaurant ️ 😛 🌹 👏 food approved, full stomach: – we will not make the famous “ciesta” Antonio, working 👏 👌 😹 😹 Tichau the Hall of Ambassadors 🙋 🙆

Bueno basta de comer🌹👌 . y vamos enseñar el resto del ☝ restaurante 😛 🌹 👏 gastronomia aprobada , el estómago lleno: – no vamos a hacer la famoso “ciesta” Antonio, á trabajarrr 👏 👌 😹 😹 adios ao Salón de los Embajadores 🙋 🙆


Esse Salao atraz de mim é o Salao das jarras

O salão das Jarras , foi o primeiro salão original do restaurante, este salão tem uma lareira , onde costumava sentar o rei da Espanha quando vinha ao restaurante .🌹

This Salon behind me is the Salon of Jarras🌹
The living room of the jars was the first original restaurant lounge, this room has a fireplace that is where the King of Spain used to sit In when he came to the restaurant.

El salón de las jarras fue el primer salón original del restaurante, este salón tiene una chimenea que es donde se solía sentar el Rey De España cuando venía al restaurante.🌹


🙋😹👻👻👻hey im hereeeee




Um Tichau para el salon de las jarras e vamos conhecer o salão da capilla . 👌👏👏

A bye bye for el salon de las jarras and we know the hall of the Capilla . 👌 👏 👏

Un adiós para el salón de Las jarras y vamonos a la sala de la Capilla. 👌


Al lado de la bodega está la capilla es donde se reúnen las directivas de los equipos de futbol 👌

here tend to have private meetings with important people👌

aqui tendem a ter encontros privados com pessoas importantes,👌


Tichau ao grande e maravilhoso salao de la capilla 🌹👏 que Maravilha de decoraçao super inspiradora .

Bye bye the great and wonderful salon de la capilla 🌹 👏wonderful place 🌹inspiring décor.

Bye bye el gran y maravilloso salón de la capilla 🌹 👏 lugar maravilloso 🌹 decoración inspiradora.


Este é o Salao Torreón Mulhacén


Vamos agora para el Salón que imita y representa os antigos Cortijos Andaluces do seculo XIX .

Let us now for el Salón representing the ancient Cortijos Andaluces of the nineteenth century.

un salón que imita o representa los antiguos cortijos andaluces del siglo XIX.


Eu deveria ter trago uma roupa para Cada Salao verdade? 😌😕😩😩😫😩😩
I should have brought an outfit for each hall , right?😩😩😩😩

Deveria ter traído una ropa para Casa salon , verdad? 😔😩😩😩😩😕


Agora é tarde , ! Vamos ao ultimo e mais bonito e impressionante , a Bodega 👏👏👏👏 eu amo bodegas ☝️😌 y viva ao deus do vinho (baco) 👌🍷

Now it’s late! Let the last and most beautiful and impressive cellar 👏 👏 👏 👏 I love cellar. ☝ ️ 😌 and alive to the god of wine (Baco) 👌 🍷

Ahora ya es tarde! Vamonos el último y más hermoso y impresionante bodega 👏 👏 👏 👏 me encanta las bodegas ☝😌 y viva el dios del vino (Baco) 👌 🍷


Este lugar é maravilhoso 🌹👏👏 eu amo de paixão tudo ❤️boa gastronomía e artes num só lugar

This place is wonderful 🌹 👏 👏 I loved everything ❤ ️gastronomy and art in one place.

Me encanta todo que perfecto y teatral , arte , gastronomía todo en un solo lugar . ❤️👌👏


Este vino é o mais jovem 1964 👌😹👯🍷🌹👏👏

This wine is the youngest. 1964 👌 😹 👯 🍷 🌹 👏 👏

Este vino es el más joven. 1964 👌 😹 👯 🍷 🌹 👏 👏


Pessoas famosas costumam dar presentes e deixar algo de representação 🌹👏👌 eu vou dar um presente também , uma foto minha 😌😏 👏👏🌹😹

Famous people usually give gifts and leave something 🌹 as representation 👏 👌 I’ll give this one too, my picture 😌 😏 👏 👏 🌹 😹

Personajes famosos suelen dar regalos y dejan algo 🌹 como representación 👏 👌 yo voy a dar también un regalo , ☝️mi imagen 😌 😏 👏 👏 🌹 😹



Que lindo uma inspiração para mim 🌹❤️

What a beautiful inspiration to me❤️💋

Qué hermoso , una inspiración para mí 💋❤️









Alguns pratos da casa 👌

some dishes from the restaurant.👌

algunos platos del restaurante👌



Sopa efervescente de arroz con leche, bizcocho de haba de cacao y piel de naranja sanguina y helado de chocolate rubio.

Effervescent rice soup with milk, cocoa bean cake and blood orange skin and blond chocolate ice cream.

Sopa de arroz efervescente com leite, cacau bolo de feijão e laranja sanguínea da pele e sorvete de chocolate loira.



Lomo de atún rojo a la brasa con ensalada de algas.

Sirloin grilled tuna salad with red algae.

Lombo de atum grelhado com salada vermelha de algas.



Pulpo de nuestra costa embotellado sobre zócalo de patata y aceite infusionado de pimentón con pequeña ensalada de brotes tiernos.

Octopus our bottling coast on base potato and paprika oil infused with small salad of tender shoots.

Pulpo da nossa costa engarrafamento na batata base e paprika infundido com pequena salada de brotos terno.



Alcachofa confitada con de rabo de toro estofado, crujiente de arroz y crema ligera de vegetales.



Jarrete de buey estofado con alcachofas y cous cous crujiente.

Beef shank stew with artichokes and cous cous crunchy.

Beef shank ensopado com alcachofras e crocante cous cous.




I loved being here again, know more about the cuisine of the restaurant, the hall large and impressive, the warm and gentle treatment of the people who work here 😌 ❤ ️ 🌹 👏 👏 👏

The owners and brothers Pedraza ❤ ️ thanks for having a place so wonderful 😌 💋 ☝❤ ️

A kiss y hasta la vista baby 😎

Eu amei estar mais uma vez aqui , conhecer de perto a culinaria do restaurante , os grandes e impressionantes saloes , o caloroso e gentil tratamento das pessoas que trabalham 😌❤️🌹👏👏👏

Aos donos e irmãos Pedraza ❤️ obrigada por ter um lugar assim tão maravilhoso 😌💋☝️❤️

Um beijo y hasta la vista baby 😎

Me encantó estar aquí de nuevo, saber más acerca de la cocina del restaurante, Los grandes e impresionantes salones , el trato cordial y amable de las personas que aquí trabajan 😌 ❤ ️ 🌹 👏 👏 👏

A los propietarios y hermanos Pedraza ❤ ️ gracias por tener un lugar tan maravilloso 😌 💋 ☝ ️ ❤ ️

Un beso y hasta la vista baby 😎